long-beach-200x145Longbeach/Langstrand is situated about halfway along the coastal road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and appr. 30 min drive from the nearest Airport . Longbeach is part of Walvis Bay Resorts. The resort had its origin during the period when Walvis Bay was still part of the Republic of South Africa and the need for a public resort near Walvis Bay complimented the idea to lure more tourist and holiday makers to the Walvis Bay area. Shortly after the completion of Langstrand a second resort was constructed a few kilometer south called Dolphin Beach, with more protected swimming pool areas. Langstrand was also zoned as a residential area and soon after the infrastructure was completed, housing started to go up one by one. After the completion of some of the apartment projects the resort became more and more popular and is now a famous holiday destination.